How it works

  1. 01 Booking and referral

    Select a scan type and convenient location, and make payment to secure your booking. Within 2 days, you'll receive a phone consultation with an expert clinician, who will ask you about your symptoms, and complete your scan referral.

  2. 02 Scan confirmation

    After referral, your chosen scanning site will call you to offer a choice of appointment times. Some of our sites allow appointment pre-selection at the point of booking. If you've already selected a time, we'll email to confirm it at this stage.

  3. 03 Have your scan

    The expert radiographers, sonographers and patient care staff at your selected partner centre will answer any queries and complete your scan. After your scan, the images will be prepared and sent to a highly qualified radiologist for reporting.

  4. 04 Receive your results

    Our clinicians will receive your report, and email a copy to you. You can also request copies of your images if needed for onward care. If any abnormalities are found, our clinicians will contact you to discuss your results and next steps.

Why choose

We're taking the stress out of scanning. With no waiting lists, we'll provide clinical guidance, simple referrals, and speedy results all in one place, at one affordable price.

What's included NHS Private
Your scan
A report of your results
Online access to your images
Self refer without a GP letter
Pre-scan clinician call
Post-scan clinician call
Patient-friendly report powered by Scanslated
Online booking with appointment availability

Our scanning services

We're the UK's largest diagnostic imaging provider, and we offer a wide range of scan types to suit your needs.

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Get screened for your scan within 2 days

If you’re struggling to get a scan referral via the traditional GP route, or want to skip the waiting lists, our expert clinical team are here to help.

Choose a scan type and location, and our clinicians will provide a phone consultation within 2 days. You’ll then receive fast access to appointments at your chosen scanning site.

Expert clinician consultation within 2 days
Easy online booking
Choose from 100+ scanning centres
Fast referral, no waiting lists

Private treatment for prompt diagnosis

Your peace of mind is at the heart of what we do. Having the correct diagnosis speeds up access to the correct treatment, and can help ease your health concerns. Either way, a quicker diagnosis always means a better prognosis - and it's our mission to help you quickly and efficiently.

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The UK's largest network of diagnostic scanning centres

We are partnered with over 150 scanning centres, so you can find an MRI, CT or ultrasound scan near you no matter where you're located.

We give you the freedom to choose the type of scan you need, at a convenient location, with a price to suit your budget. We'll take care of everything else, from referral to results.

Interactive, patient-friendly reports powered by Scanslated Logo

Medical jargon can be tricky to navigate. That's why we provide user-friendly imaging reports, with clickable diagrams and definitions to guide you through your results.

We're Scanslated's exclusive UK partner, so you won't find reports like this elsewhere.

Included free with all our scans
Simple definitions to explain medical terms
Clear diagrams to Illustrate what your scan shows
Only available in the UK with
Imaging reports powered by Scanslated

Why private scans are worth the cost

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions and important information about MRI scans.

  • A key benefit of booking with is that you do not need a GP referral to access our services. There is also no self-referral process. Instead, our in-house medical team will contact you once you have booked and made payment for your scan. Our clinicians will ask you for all of the relevant information they need to compile a referral on your behalf, which is then passed on to your chosen scanning site.

  • Once you have had your scan, your radiologist’s report will be emailed to you in PDF format, usually within 7 working days.

    Digital copies of your images are also available as required for onward care. The method for accessing the images differs depending on your chosen scanning site.

    Some sites use IEP (Image Exchange Portal), while others require an image request form to be completed. Please refer to your results email for further information.

    • A pre-scan consultation from one of our medical team over the phone or via email.
    • A written referral by our medical team, using the information from your consultation.
    • An MRI scan at your chosen scanning centre.
    • A written report on your scan by a consultant radiologist.
    • Access to copies of your scan images, which are downloadable, as required.
    • A post-scan consultation with one of our medical team if there are any adverse findings in your scan.
  • An MRI scan on a single body part typically takes between 10–30 minutes

    Full-body MRI scans, additional body parts, or more complex scans can last up to 90 minutes. this time frame can vary, and your radiographer will let you know the estimated duration of your scan before the procedure starts. Visit our news page for more information on how MRI scans work.

  • Yes, we do offer cancellations and refunds, though depending on the status of your booking this may incur a £50 cancellation fee. For more information, visit our terms and conditions.

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