Body Composition DEXA Scans

Body Composition DEXA Scans

Curious about your body composition? Looking to make lifestyle changes? A DEXA scan is the gold standard test for measuring, locating and analysing your body fat and lean mass.

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What is a DEXA (DXA) scan for body composition used for?

A Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan is a low-dose X-ray used to analyse the composition and distribution of fat, muscle, and bone in your body. It also reveals dangerous visceral fat around organs, and can be called a ‘DEXA body fat scan’. The results can guide you and your healthcare professional to plan lifestyle changes to reduce overall fat levels, such as weight loss and exercise regimes.

What does a DEXA body scan show?

A body composition DEXA scan can reveal:

  • The amount of fat and muscle you have, and where it is located
  • Your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is the base number of calories your body needs at rest
  • Visceral fat around your internal organs, which could increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers
  • How dense or strong your bones are, and whether you could be at risk of osteoporosis

How do I read my DEXA body composition report?

Your DEXA report displays your body image with different colours signifying fat, lean mass, and bone. It provides a visual understanding of your body composition and percentages. It also indicates your bone density compared to a healthy young adult, helping detect osteoporosis risks.

How often should I get a DEXA scan for body fat?

Typically, DEXA scans for monitoring body composition and fat distribution are recommended on an annual basis, but you should discuss the frequency of your scans with your doctor or health professional.

How accurate is a DEXA scan for body fat?

DEXA scans provide a high level of accuracy when it comes to analysing body fat and body composition, and assessing your overall health. It has an error rate of as low as 1%, and is deemed to be the gold standard compared to other body fat testing devices.

Body Composition DEXA Scan Costs

When you book a private body composition DEXA scan with, you'll receive a full, end-to-end package of care, starting from just £125.

Our scan costs vary depending on the pricing set by the individual scanning centres we work with.


DEXA body fat scan

Starting from £125

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  4. 04 Receive your results

    We'll email your scan report to you, and a post-scan clinician call is included to discuss the results and next steps.

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