CT Scans

CT Scans

Book a private CT scan near you, and fast-track your diagnosis today. With 1-1 expert care from our clinical team, you can get quick and affordable access to a CT scan with no waiting lists. Our prices include an expert clinician consultation, your chosen scan at a convenient location, and speedy online results.

Private CT Scans

How It Works


Booking and referral

Select a scan type and convenient location, and make payment to secure your booking.

Within 2 days, you'll receive a phone consultation with an expert clinician, who will ask you about your symptoms, and complete your scan referral


Scan confirmation

After referral, your chosen scanning site will call you to offer a choice of appointment times.

Some of our sites allow appointment pre-selection at the point of booking. If you've already selected a time, we'll email to confirm it at this stage.


Have your scan

The expert radiographers, sonographers and patient care staff at your selected partner centre will answer any queries and complete your scan.

After your scan, the images will be prepared and sent to a highly qualified radiologist for reporting.


Receive your results

Our clinicians will receive your report, and email a copy to you. You can also request copies of your images if needed for onward care.

If any abnormalities are found, our clinicians will contact you to discuss your results and next steps.

Book a private CT scan near you
Key Features

Private CT Scans

Our growing network of over 150+ CT scanning sites makes it simple and easy to book an CT scan near you.

GP referral not required

Our consultant clinicians will take care of your referral, and put you in direct contact with your selected scanning centre. You'll gain access to their earliest available slots, with no GP visit needed.

Find a CT scan near you

Our CT scan search allows you to choose from 150+ top scanning centres across the UK, and find a convenient location to suit you.

No hidden costs

We'll tell you our prices upfront, and give you the freedom to choose which suits you best. Our CT scans start from £359, and the price includes expert 1-1 medical care and digital access to your results.

No waiting lists

We want our patients to feel in control of their health and wellbeing. If you have a health concern, we will help you get a diagnosis or the peace of mind you need as soon as possible.

What do CT scans look for?

CT scans can look for many different health indicators, and there are a variety of scan types available to help you get the diagnosis you need.


An assessment of the health of your abdominal organs, to look for tumours, disease, blood vessel issues and other abnormalities.

Brain & Head

Brain CT scans can be used to look for abnormalities, including tumours, stroke, lesions, injuries, or haemorrhage. They also show the skull.

Cardiac (Heart)

CT scans can be used to assess the structure of your heart and the health of the surrounding blood vessels. They can also show calcium buildup.

Facial Bones

CT assessment of the jaw, nose, eye sockets, cheekbones and surrounding tissues. They can diagnose fractures, trauma, and any malformations.

Chest & Lungs

A chest CT scan can show the chest cavity, lungs, heart, blood vessels, ribs and parts of the spine, to look for abnormalities such as tumours or infections.

Fracture Assessment

There are multiple types of fractures and complex fractures, which can be imaged using CT scans. These include spinal, pelvic, ankle or knee fractures.


A pelvic CT images the abdominal organs (e.g. bladder, reproductive organs and intestines) and the surrounding soft tissues and bones.

What is a CT scan?

And how does it work?

CT stands for computerised tomography. It can be used for generating images of the brain, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis and blood vessels, and assessing abnormalities or damage to the soft tissues, bones and joints.

A CT scanner is shaped like a doughnut, and emits an X-ray, which circles all around your body. Detectors record the strength of rays passing through the different tissues of your body, to create pictures.

Why do you need a CT scan?

A CT scan can detect, locate and monitor diseases and abnormalities. If you've got a health concern which is suitable for CT scanning, and don't want to wait, we can help you get seen quickly.

As CT scans use ionising radiation in the form of X-rays, the scan must be medically justified by a member of our expert clinical team, led by consultant radiologist Dr Khalid Latief (BMSc, MBChB, FRCP, FRCR). They'll take the time to speak to you 1-1, to understand your needs, and ensure you receive the correct scan quickly and efficiently.

How fast are CT results?

Your scan images will be sent to a consultant radiologist, who will assess the results, write a report of their findings, and send it to our clinicians within 7 days.

We'll then send you a PDF copy of your report via email, and you can also request copies of your images, if required for onward care.

If there is anything of note flagged in your results, your dedicated clinician will call you to explain your results, discuss any next steps, and answer any questions you might have.

CT Scan Costs

When you book a private CT with, you'll receive a full, end-to-end package of care, starting from just £360.

The cost of our scans vary depending on the pricing set by the individual scanning centres.


Private CT Scan

Starting from £360

Quick and easy referral process, with support from a dedicated expert clinician

Your CT scan, at a selected location near you

Digital access to your radiologist's report, and the option to request copies of your images as required.

If there are any next steps or adverse findings, our expert clinicians will provide a post-scan phone consultation to explain your scan results

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about booking an CT scan with us, visit our FAQ guide.

Can’t see an answer to your question? Our friendly patient care team are happy to help.

More FAQs

Do I need a GP referral or self-referral for a private CT scan?

You don't need a referral from your GP to access our scanning services. Instead, we'll ask you some questions about your medical history and the reason for your scan within our booking form. Our in-house clinical team will then assess your details, and call you to gather any additional information they need to refer you for your scan.

What do CT scans show?

CT scans have a wide range of uses, and can show bone and joint issues, tumours and masses, problems with the blood vessels such as aneurysms or embolisms. CT scanning is a major modality used to assess trauma of the spine and body in general, as well as complex fractures.

How long does a CT scan take?

CT scans are very quick procedures, and the whole body can be scanned in under a minute. However, the length of your appointment will depend on the area being scanned, the time it takes for any contrast material to be administered, and any additional preparations such as changing your clothes or filling in paperwork.

How much does a CT scan cost?

Our CT scan packages start from £359. The price you pay includes a pre-scan phone consultation with an expert clinician, a referral, your scan, a digital radiologist's report, and a follow-up consultation where required for onward recommendations. Our pricing can vary between sites, and can change depending on the body part being scanned.

What is the difference between a CT scan and an MRI scan?

A CT scan uses ionising radiation in the form of X-rays to generate images, while MRI uses powerful magnets and radio waves. CT scans are much quicker than MRI scans, but MRI scans can provide more detailed images of soft tissues. For more information, visit our complete guide to MRI vs CT scans.

What happens at a CT scan appointment?

During your CT scan, you'll be asked to lie on a flat bed, which is moved into the doughnut-shaped CT scanner. You'll need to lie very still, and might be asked to hold your breath for short periods of time depending on the area being scanned. You might need to take a contrast agent before the scan, to help capture images with higher definition. We'll let you know of any preparations required in advance of your scan.

Dedicated Care

By a team of experienced clinicians

Meet our team of expert radiologists, osteopaths, physiotherapists and general practitioners. They're here to provide the highest standards of care throughout your scanning journey.

Khalid Latief

Dr. Khalid Latief


Jasper Nissim

Jasper Nissim


Nicola Turner

Dr Nicola Turner

MBChB, MRCGP, BSc Pharm, MRPSGB, Dip Clin Pharm, BSc Hons

Anna Podlasek

Dr Anna Podlasek


Emma Ross

Emma Ross


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