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Welcome to We're joined on our mission by a team of bar-raisers, dedicated to empowering individuals with more choice, control, and connectivity when it comes to their health. Timely diagnoses are at the heart of what we do, and can have both life-changing and life-saving outcomes.

Keep reading to get to know us, explore our available positions and people-centred perks, and discover the meaningful impact you can make by becoming part of our team.

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How to interview

Job hunting can be stressful, but our interview process is designed not to be. We keep it short and sweet, and outline every step within our job descriptions. Interviews are a two-way street, so here are some tips to help you get as much value from them as we do.

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Be prepared
We know you might be interviewing across different roles, so re-familiarising yourself with our job description and noting down any questions will equip you for what we might cover. We want to meet you at your best, so if we can make any adjustments, provide accessibility information, or even reschedule if you're having technical trouble, please let us know.
Be open
We'll already have your resume, so we won't take up time asking for a recap of your job history. We want to get to know you - how you work, your successes and learnings, what drives you, what you want from us. Don't be afraid to open up and dive into what's beyond your CV.
Be curious
We invite you to interview us, too - it's your chance to get to know us and what we can do for you. Feel free to ask questions as we go along, and don’t be afraid to follow up afterwards if you have additional queries or if your circumstances have changed.

Your best self is your whole self.

And both belong at We champion diversity, and celebrate the unique qualities that make each person valuable.

It's our ambition for our team and Board to mirror the rich diversity of our society, so that everyone feels welcome, respected, and empowered.

Throughout our hiring process, we'll ask you how we can support you with reasonable adjustments to help you be at your best.

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What are your big-picture goals? We want to help you reach them.

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Careers, not just jobs.

We're not just hiring you as you are today. We want to meet future you, too.

On our team, we see you for your current skills as well as your career aspirations, and ask how we can help you get there. With co-created career roadmaps, regular peer reviews, and training and learning opportunities, we're set up to see you succeed.

We'll give you trust, tech, and time to work where and how you want.

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Together, wherever.

What you do matters - not when or where you do it. We're a flexibility-first company, which means that flexibility isn't just a perk, it's our pledge.

Our team includes office lovers, home workers, early birds, night owls, parents, carers, lunch walkers, therapy goers, and fitness devotees - and we trust them to give and take time as needed.

No clock-watching here, just a team that rallies together to deliver when it counts.


Benefits beyond the basics

We want to offer benefits that are wanted. So, we co-created our package with input from everyone on our team. As well as generous time off allowances and policies to support you through good times and tough times, you'll get:

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Read about our culture from the people at the heart of it.

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Our team spans the UK and US, with a blend of hybrid and remote roles available. Join us!

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