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Josie Waters

Less than a week from filling in the application form to receiving my results. Excellent service!


Honestly this service saved my life. After repeatedly being told for years I was too young for an MRI or to have a serious back injury by the GP. I decided to go through this service, the clinician Emma rang me straight away referred me for the MRI and within a few days it was booked. After the MRI I was told I needed immediate surgery and it took the GP 12 hours to inform me of this whereas Emma rang me straight away and advised me to go to A&E and was really reassuring and supportive at an extremely difficult time. All the doctors at A&E told me how using this service was the best thing I ever did. Such a fast efficient and useful service honestly the best 300 pounds I ever spent. Would recommend this service to anyone over and over again.


Top class service. Quick and efficient, excellent communication from staff at the centre and the Dr. Put all the family at ease regarding the procedure. Caring and compassionate. Procedure and results clearly explained and scan results received quickly.


Fast and professional. I can’t say anything negative at all. The staff who I spoke to over the phone or wrote to by email were very knowledgeable and pleasant, the scanning centre I was referred to for my neck and head MRI were also cheerful, helpful and professional. Put my mind at ease and allowed me to accurately direct treatment for long-term neck pain. This has helped substantially along with the reduction in stress worrying about something more sinister being wrong.

Maltby Pindar

I felt I needed an MRI quickly. This was a very quick route to getting one. I had a very good conversation on the phone with a doctor both before and after the scan. So if you need an MRI quickly and in a streamlined way, this is a good option. I also learnt some helpful information from the scan. I waited three days after booking and was then offered a test within 18 hours.

Laura Docherty

Excellent from start to finish. Very helpful and professional, best money ever spent.


Quick and efficient in set up stage and very caring at results stage. Jasper tracked me down at 7pm on Christmas Eve to tell me good news about my results and in doing so made my Christmas.

Tom Kilby

I would give you 20 stars if there was that many. Fantastic service I only wish that you had been around when a close friend of mine got ill. I am certain that if Scan.com had been around then it might of saved his Life.

Thank you to all the people that have looked after me both during the booking process and the scan itself.


I have used Scan.com on several occasions over the last couple of years, both for family members and to monitor my own long term condition and I can honestly say that the team are truly wonderful in every respect!

Jasper and his team go above and beyond to assist and to explain in detail the results of your scans but for me, the fact that they also strive to keep you informed should delays occur in the booking of scans at your local hospital (which given the circumstances of Covid is perfectly understandable) is greatly appreciated and let's you feel content in knowing that your scan will happen as soon as reasonably possible.

I strongly recommend Scan.com to anyone who wants to deal with excellent professionals who genuinely care and are clearly motivated to enable people to feel empowered in managing their own health care. That's certainly what being able to monitor my own health condition through Scan.com has offered me. I was feeling really overwhelmed by my diagnosis but thanks to Jasper and his team, I feel much more confident and in control and I can't thank them enough for that. It's also thanks to the team that my lovely Mum is now receiving the assistance she has been needing for her Osteoarthritis after a scan confirmed what we had long suspected.

If you feel the need for a MRI scan, I wouldn't think twice about going anywhere else.

Thank you for everything you do Jasper, to you and your wonderful team.


Was able to accommodate a thoracic spine MRI within 5 days of payment by recommending the nearest non-NHS hospital. Also provided as much documentation as I required for my private health insurance to validate claim. The company are GMC registered.

Vivienne Hayes

What a great service I had from Jasper the Managing Director. I received a phone call from him the day after I had filled out a Self-Referral Form asking a few questions about my back problem and he then said he would pass it over to the Booking Manager. This was a Friday and on Monday I received a phone call offering an appointment the day after at a local Mobile Unit and the day after I had the scan I received the results. I did have a problem downloading the scans but I contacted Jasper and he asked them to resend them and also to send me a CD with the scans on. I will now go to see my Doctor so that he can, hopefully, help me sort the problem out as he will know what treatment I need.

Jill North

After being referred to the clinic I was happy with the service that I received.

The appointment came through quickly. They were very welcoming and friendly and made me feel comfortable.

Rob Pavlov

Wanted to have a quick MRI scan on knee following bad fall without going through GP and consultant process. Very straightforward and simple booking and scanning process for a competitive price. Results provided pretty quickly afterwards by phone and download. Overall very happy with this service.

David Couch

I have been suffering with chronic back pain since 2011, an MRI scan in 2011 highlighted a serious spinal cord compression in the cervical spine that needed immediate surgery, it also found a less significant problem in the lumbar spine. In 2013 the lumbar spine worsened with another cord compression and required surgery and 2015 the same problem flared up again that required revision surgery.

The back pain I will always have but recently I began to experience all the symptoms I had back in 2011 with severe cervical, thoracic and lumbar pains with radiating pain down both arms and legs accompanied by numbness in the shoulder, arms legs and thighs and was unstable on my legs due to weakness and I was stumbling regularly.

I saw my GP 3 times about these symptoms, who changed my medication numerous times, but the symptoms did not improve, given my previous spinal history I suggested another MRI scan, but she was adamant it was not necessary. I was extremely concerned about this and elected to look to have a private MRI scan.

I came across Scan.com Ltd on the internet and studied the website and read the testimonials, I emailed Jasper numerous times with questions on the 18th June, which he replied to very promptly. I obtained the price for an MRI scan of the whole spine, I paid for my scan and my appointment was confirmed for 01/07/2019 at a very local scanner.

Within 4 days of the scan I received a telephone call from Jasper giving the result of the scan that highlighted new issues with my spine and he could not understand why my GP had not authorised an MRI scan on the NHS and gave me advise on how to proceed. On the very next day I received in the post my MRI disc and written paper copy of the MRI report from Scan.com. The scan results was hand delivered to my GP and I am pleased to report that I have now been referred to Neurosurgery at the local hospital for consultation.

I found the service provided by Scan.com to be quick, efficient, professional and would certainly recommend and use the service again in the future. Many thanks Jasper for a truly excellent service. Well done!!!!.

Kelly Samuel

Fantastic company. Very friendly , very quick and very efficient. Would def recommend and def use again

Mrs Gore

Couldn’t be more pleased with the service I received for my MRI! Was seen at a convenient time and my results were super fast!

I’ve had an MRI elsewhere previously but this was a much better experience and also less expensive! Would recommend to anyone

Lisa Baker

I would 100% recommend using this company. Extremely helpful and really fast service. I will definitely use them again in the future!


Jasper was very professional and helpful ,Very comprehensive report received and my results were explained to me properly.


Excellent service. Speedy appointment at a convenient location for an MRI Scan at a very reasonable cost. Images received within 24 hours and a report issued within 4 days. Highly recommend.

Sam Stewart

I just can't recommend this company and it's team highly, or strongly enough. Incredibly professional, yet approachable and friendly. Instantly I felt reassured with Jaspers' and Dr Latiefs' advise and help in processing the referrals. I discovered Scan.com Ltd on a google search, and was so relieved to find I could self-refer - saving the hassle and stress of going through the GP surgery, and saving the cost of a consultants fee on top. I was at an absolute loss, and have struggled with back pain, and symptoms I knew to be originating from the spine since 2004, a back injury in 1989 having never been investigated, was compounded by army service (though this I don't regret in the slightest). The first imaging from the NHS came in 2013. It was easier for the medical fraternity to write me off with 'Somatisation' - well thanks to Scan.com Ltd I have not only the scans to prove the cause behind my symptoms, but was able to see a spinal surgeon and be taken seriously - my spine needs fused in four places, and as for the foraminal stenosis, and nerve impingement I hope the operation will also relieve these. Vindicated!!! The process of booking the scans, paying for them, and getting to a scanner was sooo easy - Inhealth at Waterloo were excellent, including injecting the contrast for the brain scan. The results came through very quickly, getting a copy of the images on a disc after the scans were done. Jasper phoned me as soon as he and Dr Latief had recieved their copies. The reports were very detailed, and I'm really glad I asked for the 3T scanner, as it picked up areas in the brain scan which also answered symptoms that had been reported to the GP in 2004, neurologist in 2006. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I can finely get some help, and am now recieving pain relief. The scan costs were incredibly competative, and worth every penny; an erstwhile investment which my local Credit Union helped me to spread the cost of the 3 part scan. It gives me such huge peace of mind knowing that Jasper, Dr Latief, Leone, their service and expansive knowledge are there - they are truly trustworthy, very down to earth, and an absolute godsend. Unlike alot of consultants, they don't view female patients wanting to be informed as potential loose cannons on deck, and something to get all insecure about.

Scan.com Ltd have not only given me back hope, but re-invigorated my old sense of self-empowerment that comes from getting things done, and investing in yourself. The spinal consultant pointed out the abnormal curvature in the neck due to the herniated discs, and those in the lumbar area. Even though the problems with leg reflexes and motor power loss are going to be a life long companion, and so the modified hand-controls in my car stay, just knowing that I will be able to return to hobbies, and studies is more than I could have dreamed of. None of this would have been possible if it had not been for Scan.com Ltds' acceptance of self-referrals. To Jasper, Dr Latief, and Leone, thank-you doesn't really do justice, nor conveys how grateful I am to you. Excuse the pun, but knowing you have my back makes an incredible difference, you were there when no one else wanted to take a chance on me. With whiskey in hand, I raise a glass to yous, Slainte.


Organised an MRI scan for my daughter, such a simple and efficient service with regular communication and personal updates throughout. Report and disc received within the week with additional time invested to pass on some explanation and advice. Many thanks, highly recommend.


Fantastic service from start to finish. Ordered my MRI on the Saturday, was contacted on the Sunday, booked in for Wednesday and results by Friday. Really great for quick answers and will definitely use again.

Craig Webber

I booked an MRI scan with this company as I have suffered with long term back problems and the waiting list for the NHS to see a surgeon was years. I Was seen really quickly and the service was exceptional. Would highly recommend using them. Saves a lot of time waiting anxiously for it to be done on the NHS. I have already had the results and they were extremely helpful with what treatment I require. This whole process has probably saved me a year of waiting. Thank you.

Khalil Kashaf

Had bad shoulders due to playing cricket, mr jasper advised me proper and gave me good advise highly recommended.

Khalil Kashaf

As an Osteopath, we sometimes need to send our patients for imaging to work out what is going on.

It can be quite a rigmarole trying to get a referral through the GP and many private MRI companies are too expensive to recommend to a patient.

I have now recommended nationalmriscan to many of my patients and they have honesty all had a brilliant experience.

They have had scans booked within a few days of phoning (they actually apologised once for not being able to get them in the next day!), and then results within a week of the MRI scan. It has been a painless each time! Top job

D Walters

After suffering with lower back pain and leg pains/numbness for several weeks (unable to walk unaided, frequently falling over) and being shunned by the Cramlington hospital, I decided to go and see a chiropractor. Upon visiting my chiropractor and undergoing an initial examination, I was told my symptoms were too severe and it seemed like a serious spinal issue. My chiropractor told me there was nothing he could do until I had an MRI scan, which would hopefully shed a light on the issue, and also advised me to visit an emergency GP.

After taking the advice of the chiropractor, i visited my GP who also stated my symptoms seemed very severe, he prescribed me stronger pain relief and suggested an MRI scan.

After both the GP and Chiropractor suggesting the MRI, I decided to look into having an MRI done privately. I came across the Scan.com website, and contacted them right away. I explained my situation and they advised me of the correct scan to have. I booked the scan through the website and under two weeks later I attended my appointment and had the scan.

I was contacted the next day with the results of my scan and advised to take the scans and report to the Hospital and seek an urgent orthopaedic referral. I took the report to the Cramlington hospital and explained everything, they dismissed the report as exaggerating my symptoms and possibly a wrong diagnosis. I was told by the hospital to continue with my painkillers and rest.

A day later, Jasper from Scan.com contacted me to see how I was getting on, I explained my situation and how the hospital had dismissed the report and told me to take pain relief and rest.

That night at midnight, I received a phone call from the hospital asking me to go into the RVI hospital the next morning at 10pm for them to look over my scans.

The next morning at the RVI, a consultant did an initial examination of me and asked about my symptoms. I was then seen by a surgeon, who had looked over my scans. He did a few pressure tests on my legs and a quick examination concluding that I needed to go to theater right away. I had surgery that afternoon and and am now recovering really well, thankfully.

I spoke to my surgeon the day after my operation. He told me that I was fortunate to have caught it at this stage as, the next stage would have led to incontinence, loss of bowel control, permanent nerve damage and possibly inability to walk.

I cannot thank Scan.com (Jasper) enough , for booking the MRI scan appointment for me so quickly, for following up with aftercare, and genuinely showing an interest in my well-being. I highly recommend Scan.com for the quality of service , aftercare and also very reasonable pricing.

E Thiis

After suffering debilitating back and hip pain for months and being told by doctors that I had “pulled something” I decided to book an mri scan through Scan.com as I knew this amount of pain was not normal. I had my mri on the Thursday afternoon and by the Friday morning I had received my results by telephone. Jasper had been trying to get hold of me by telephone and by email, but he continuously called until he reached me. I was told that my pain was due to a spine infection (discitis and vertibreal osteomyelitis). I was told to go straight up to my local A and E, which I did. Whilst at the hospital further blood test showed the infection was caused by sepsis. I was taken into hospital for IV antibiotics for 4 weeks and then continued on antibiotics at home for a further 4 weeks after leaving hospital. If I had not had the mri scan I know that I would not have been diagnosed with anything and I honestly believe that it would have killed me. I can’t thank Scan.com and Jasper enough for the very quick and acurate results. Thank you so much.

Steve G.

Needed an abdominal scan to check things out. Scan.com quickly arranged a scan with In Health (3 days) with results available a week later.

Quick & efficient. Thanks here.

Rosemary lee

Simple, straightforward, and quick!!

Jasper was very helpful.

Thank you.

John Parker

Great service, went through my problem with Jasper of Scan.com and he booked scan in an area of my choice. Received scan results and disc in a week. Had discussion with Jasper about results and now having treatment. Would use again.

Linda McGivern

After having Cool sculpting 18 months ago my tummy got bigger and disfigured. So I had to investigate corrective surgery. After several consultations I found a surgeon I was happy with but he wanted my tummy checked out. Two ultra scans later, my consultant advised for more details I was best having a MRI scan, best to be safe. I contact Scan.com and within days I went for my MRI Scan at Waterloo, it wasn't the nearest to me but it meant I could have my scan sooner and on a Sunday. I went by train and the MRI Scan centre was across the road from Waterloo station.

My Scan results showed no problems with my tummy. I received my results by phone 3 days later ready for my consultation appointment and hard copy in the post to me.

So thank you for your professional help at Scan.com, Jasper you have been a great help and the staff at I D C Waterloo where great too. All in all a very good experience and I would use you again and I would recommended your services too.

Mrs Rachel T

Scan.com were able to organise a fast MRI for my neck which has troubled me for many years. I was then able to show these results to my GP . This service allowed me to get an MRI scan very quickly and at a very reasonable price.

Mr Colin Stevens

I have had hip pains for over 6 years and I was unable to get an NHS scan. Scan.com referred me and four days later I had my results, all for £295. I have now been advised that I will require a hip replacement. Without this scan I would have continued to suffer.

Richie Pinder

Having suffered from a low back complaint associated with irritable bowel syndrome since my early 20’s Scan.com was able to recommend the correct MRI scans which has revealed that the problems I have had for 14 years are related to a disc problem. Following the scans I was referred to a Rheumatologist who asked for an Orthopaedic Surgeons view for further assessment. I have spent the past 8 years attempting to discover what my problem is and at last my search is over. I feel a total sense of relief.

D Reville

I had experienced for a number of years an extremely stiff and painful neck and suddenly developed pain in both arms whilst doing some DIY. I became very worried.

Scan.com was able to refer me to InHealth at the Nottingham City Hospital where I had an MRI of my neck. I received the results and pictures within 6 days. It was such a relief to discover that there wasn’t anything sinister going on and the MRI clearly showed the problem to be degenerative changes.

Robin O'Brien

As part of my treatment, Mr. Nissim decided that before he treated my neck he wanted a second opinion by means of an MRI through Scan.com Ltd. Within two days Leicester Nuffield Hospital had contacted me to arrange an appointment at my convenience, and this was arranged within 6 days of them being contacted. Leicester Nuffield Hospital is a very friendly and efficient place and I was seen at exactly the time arranged, and I left the building with a copy of my scan. The results were sent directly to Mr. Nissim and he arranged a follow up visit very quickly in order to explain the results and complete the treatment of my neck. The whole process was first class from start to finish.

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