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Prostate Screening

Are you concerned about your PSA test results, have a family history of prostate cancer, or have been experiencing urinary problems? Book a prostate MRI scan to check for prostate cancer and diagnose prostate problems. With over 150 scanning centres across the UK, we're able to show you every available option - from prices to locations to services - to help you make the best decision for you.

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What do Prostate MRI scans look for?

A prostate multiparametric (MPM) scan is a type of MRI scan, specifically designed to identify anomalies such as cancer in the prostate gland in greater detail than traditional MRI.

Prostate Size

The scan will spot any benign enlargement of the prostate, which is not a sign of cancer in itself, but could cause urinary symptoms.

Lesions or Anomalies

A lesion is an abnormal area, spot or growth that could be a sign of infection, inflammation, or prostate cancer.

Pelvic Tissue Health

A prostate MPM MRI can also check the bladder, rectum, colon, seminal vesicles, kidneys, gallbladder, liver and pelvic bone marrow for any abnormalities.

Ongoing Monitoring

If you are on active surveillance for non-aggressive prostate cancer, yearly screening can check whether it has grown or requires treatment.

What does an MRI prostate check entail?

A prostate multiparametric (MPM) MRI scan is a specific type of scan for detailed imaging of the prostate gland. It can be used as a screening for prostate cancer, or for diagnosis and monitoring of the condition. It uses strong magnets and radio waves to generate images, and doesn't involve any radiation. You will be asked to lie on a flat bed that moves into a cylindrical scanning machine. You might be given a contrast agent by injection, which enhances the definition of your scan images.

What tests are used to diagnose prostate cancer?

Initial examinations into prostate symptoms include urine tests, taking a blood sample to test for a specific antigen (PSA), or a digital rectal examination. This is a physical examination where a doctor or nurse will use their finger to feel for any anomalies. These tests cannot detect prostate cancer by themselves, but they can help determine if further tests are necessary.

An MPM prostate MRI is usually the next step, as it provides insights into the health of the prostate and possible cancer in more detail. However, you don't need to wait to have other tests before booking your own MRI to check for prostate cancer.

If your MRI detects any anomalies, you might need further tests such as a prostate biopsy to diagnose prostate cancer. This collects a sample of your prostate tissue which is analysed in a lab.

When might a doctor suggest prostate cancer screening?

Prostate cancer testing can investigate urinary problems such as urinating more often or with urgency, or having difficulty urinating. Unexplained weight loss or tiredness can also be symptoms of prostate cancer.

There is currently no national screening programme for prostate cancer by PSA (prostate-specific antigen) blood test or MRI scan. You can book your own private prostate cancer screening MRI if you are concerned about your prostate health.

A recent MRI screening clinical trial showed that more than half of men whose MRI results detected cancer had normal PSA blood test results. This highlights the important role of MRI in avoiding false negatives from blood tests.

Am I at higher risk of developing prostate cancer?

Your risk of prostate cancer can be higher if one of your close family members has had prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is also more common in older men between the ages of 75 and 79. Your genetics, ethnicity, hormone levels and being overweight can put you at increased risk of prostate cancer.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is an enlargement of the prostate that is not linked to increased prostate cancer risk. It may cause urinary incontinence, urine infection or other issues that require monitoring and treatment but is not a precursor to developing prostate cancer.

Is an MRI prostate cancer screening safe?

MRI is a safe imaging method that uses no radiation. If you have metal in your body, like an implanted device such as a pacemaker or aneurysm clip, shrapnel, or fragments, you may not be able to safely have an MRI scan. You will be asked about your medical history when you book, to check your suitability.

You might need a contrast injection to help highlight your prostate in greater definition. Side effects tend to be mild, such as a warming feeling, nausea, or a metallic taste in your mouth, but a more serious allergic reaction is rare. You will need to provide recent blood test results to demonstrate healthy kidney function. The kidneys get rid of the contrast substance from your body, so people with reduced kidney function may not be suitable for this scan.

What are the prostate cancer treatment options?

By being able to detect prostate cancer early, MRI scans have the potential to reduce the amount of people dying from prostate cancer. Early surgery or radiotherapy can prevent life-threatening prostate cancer from developing.

If advanced prostate cancer is found, it may require surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy - or a combination of methods. Depending on your age, and type of prostate cancer (e.g. slow-growing prostate cancer), you might be monitored for a while before treatment is suggested. This is called active surveillance, and can prevent invasive surgeries that may not end up improving your outcomes.

Prostate Screening Scan Costs

When you book a private Prostate Screening with, you'll receive a full, end-to-end package of care, starting from just £500.

Our scan costs vary depending on the pricing set by the individual scanning centres.


Private Prostate Screening Scan

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How it works

  1. 01 Booking and referral

    Select a scan type and convenient location, and make payment to secure your booking. Within 2 days, you'll receive a phone consultation with an expert clinician, who will ask you about your symptoms, and complete your scan referral.

  2. 02 Scan confirmation

    After referral, your chosen scanning site will call you to offer a choice of appointment times. Some of our sites allow appointment pre-selection at the point of booking. If you've already selected a time, we'll email to confirm it at this stage.

  3. 03 Have your scan

    The expert radiographers, sonographers and patient care staff at your selected partner centre will answer any queries and complete your scan. After your scan, the images will be prepared and sent to a highly qualified radiologist for reporting.

  4. 04 Receive your results

    Our clinicians will receive your report, and email a copy to you. You can also request copies of your images if needed for onward care. If any abnormalities are found, our clinicians will contact you to discuss your results and next steps.

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