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17 Harley Street, London, Greater London, W1G 9QH

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About UME Harley Street

A leading outpatient and diagnostic centre located on Harley Street, offering high quality services and compassionate patient care. We have leading specialists in Cardiology, Musculoskeletal, ENT, Podiatry and Health Assessments and we also have state of the art facilities including a GE Revolution CT scanner, a Philips 3T claustrophobic friendly MRI scanner, Philips Echocardiogram and ultrasound.


17 Harley Street, London, Greater London, W1G 9QH


Bond Street & Oxford Circus (8 min walk), Great Portland Street & Regent’s Park (12 min walk). Overground Stations: Marylebone, Euston.

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Pay QPark on Cavendish Square - 3-5 min walk from the clinic.



1 reviews

I used after researching that an ultrasound would be able to identify a condition that I was advised I did not have by my GP after a physical examination. The booking and payment processes were incredibly easy. I did book my scan in London despite it being about an hour and a half away due to there being a slightly longer lead time (only around 1-2 weeks) at a more local scan location; however, the price was still reasonable. I was called the following day by a clinician who walked through my information and asked relevant questions to ensure I could be referred for the scan. Not only was he incredibly helpful, but he was kind and reassuring. I was then contacted by the scan location within a day or two following this to book my scan. On the day, the scan went smoothly, and the radiologist gave me the relevant information on the day, but this was then followed up by the clinician at I was unable to take the initial call and asked for a follow-up the next week, which was accommodated without hesitation. I got my results and was given the opportunity to ask questions. I also received a written report of the scan. Overall, it was an excellent experience.

8 months ago