and the AA Partner To Provide Accessible Diagnostic Imaging Scans to Employees partners with The AA, the UK's largest motoring organisation, to offer discounted medical imaging scans, such as MRI and CT, to employees. 

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We’re pleased to share our partnership with The AA, the UK's largest motoring organisation, to offer discounted medical imaging scans, such as MRI and CT, to employees. 


Through this new collaboration, the AA’s 7,000 UK employees and their friends and families can book their own medical scans online, including MRI, CT, X-ray and Ultrasound, without waiting for a GP appointment or referral to a hospital. An employee discount is available as part of the AA’s wider wellbeing offering, in a bid to support employees and their families with alternative routes to obtaining timely diagnoses, treatments and returns to work.


Our employee assistance offering aims to tackle the effects of long GP and hospital waiting lists on employee health and wellbeing. According to a 2023 Healthwatch report, nearly one in five individuals attends four or more GP appointments before being referred for medical imaging or a hospital appointment. Patients who did not receive a referral reported a deterioration of their symptoms, directly impacting their ability to work. 


Meanwhile, as the NHS celebrates its 75th birthday, its data shows the number of people on waiting lists remains at all-time-highs of over seven million, with almost five million patients in England waiting over two weeks for a GP appointment each month. Meanwhile a record 2.5 million people are on long term sick leave, with back and neck pain being the second most common cause after mental health. addresses these issues by making scanner capacity at independent imaging centres more accessible, while reducing pressures on NHS GPs by providing telehealth consultations and digital referrals via their in-house clinical team. speeds up access to imaging, while ensuring all scans are suitable, medically justified, and follow Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (IR(ME)R).


Dr. Lizzie Tuckey, Managing Director of, said: “We’re proud to support the AA’s employees and their loved ones with rapid diagnostics. It’s our mission to make medical imaging more accessible, and by empowering more people with the answers they need to access care, we can facilitate faster routes to recovery. Our employee assistance offerings help to ease NHS waiting list pressures and the knock-on effects on employee wellbeing and time spent on sick leave.”



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