What We Do

As one of the largest private imaging providers in the UK, Scan.com has contracts with over 100 MRI scanning centres, across cities nationwide.

We act as a medical referral service between the MRI scanning centres and the client, allowing you to arrange and pay for a private scan that suits your requirements. Filter by location, date or price using our online booking system, and select the private hospital or clinic that's most convenient for you. Once a request has successfully been through our medical protocol, the medical team here will authorise your scan.

We aim to improve the health of our nation by making diagnostic care accessible and timely. Our service enables patients to avoid long and often unpredictable NHS waiting times, and any potential delays in diagnosis and subsequent aftercare. As a result, Scan.com continues to work hard to ensure that we are able to provide the lowest prices in the UK’s private MRI scanning market.

Our highly trained Radiographers can scan a wide variety of clinical applications such as Musculoskeletal, Neurology, ENT, MR Angiography, and MRI Venography, and Body MRI.

More complex scans include:

  • Head Scans for headaches, epilepsy, suspected tumours, and various scans for reassurance purposes.

  • Abdomen Scans for differentiation of adenomas from metastasis, MRCP, abnormalities noted on other imaging studies which require additional clarification.

  • Pelvis Scans for both male — prostate and testicular masses, and female — gynaecological scans.

We can scan the following body parts

Abdomen - Liver, Kidneys & Adrenals Ankle Brain/Head Breast Calf Cervical Spine Chest Elbow Female Pelvis Foot Hip IAMS (Both) Knee Lumbar Spine Mortons Neuroma MRCP Orbits Paranasal Sinuses Pelvic Pituitary Fossa Prostate MPM Renal Angiogram Sacroiliac Joints Shoulder Soft Tissue (Muscle/Ligament Etc) Sterno-Clavicular Joint Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ Joints Are Scanned Together) Thigh Thoracic Spine Upper Arm Right Wrist

Contrast Scans

If you require a contrast injection, please contact our consultants. Most MRI scans do not require contrast materials, this is only required if a doctor has ordered and approved it.