3 Feb, 2023

Braincare Boost: Scan.com and Mindstep Partner To Bring Brain Scan Bookings to Your Phone

We’re pleased to share our partnership with Mindstep, the complete braincare app. Mindstep users can now access brain MRI scans from within the app, powered by Scan.com, the UK’s largest diagnostic imaging platform.

From mental health to dementia, or concussion to brain fog, Mindstep’s innovative app helps users take matters of the mind into their own hands. With digital check-ups and clinically-led care pathways already available, we’re proud to offer self-book brain scans to provide additional insights into users’ brain health.

If they are concerned about their brain’s structural health, or want to find out how it is functioning, Mindstep users can access Scan.com within the Dr’s Lounge tab, and book affordable scans to support their braincare journey. Scan.com can provide the results needed to find peace of mind, or recognise any brain anomalies as soon as possible to access treatment. Plus, patients can book a scan and receive their results in as little as one week.

Pricing includes pre and post-scan consultations with Scan.com’s experienced clinical team, access to patient-friendly digital reports, and downloadable images from their scan.

This partnership enables Mindstep users to:

  • Book brain scans on their own terms, without waiting lists or a GP referral.

  • Choose from over 150 UK scanning centres, compare prices, and find the most convenient option.

  • Speak to Scan.com’s expert clinical team, with consultation calls before and after their scan included in the price.

  • Understand their results with interactive patient-friendly reports, with diagrams and definitions to explain any medical jargon.

  • Get the peace of mind of a clean bill of health, or spot any brain issues early to access treatment as soon as possible.

When it comes to brain health, this partnership is a no-brainer. We’re delighted to be working alongside Mindstep, to help their users access medical imaging to support their ongoing braincare.

To sign up for Mindstep, you can download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

For more information about brain scans, visit our blog, or check out our head and brain MRI page.


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