7 Jun, 2022

From National MRI Scan to Scan.com: Our Global Rebrand

We’ve always loved change - it’s the reason why we do what we do. Back in 2017, we set out on a mission to improve how people access diagnostic imaging. Since then, we’ve rewritten the rules, cut some red tape, and created a platform to make medical imaging accessible and efficient.

We’ve been loud about our goals, and the things we want to change. But, we’ve been quietly undergoing another transformation, and we’re thrilled to start sharing the results with you.

We’re changing the medical imaging ecosystem. Now it’s time to change our brand.

We’ve got a new name - Scan.com - and we’ll soon have a new look, but our team are still continuing the same important work.

We’ve had an incredible 5 years as National MRI Scan, and have successfully launched CT and Ultrasound scanning services, created a referring clinician portal, and established multinational teams across the UK, USA and Germany. Our new Scan.com identity encompasses all of that, to reflect where we’ve come from, who we are now, and what we want to become.

What happens next?

Our team are all working hard to cross the t’s and dot the i’s as we undergo our rebrand, but you might notice things that look and feel different over the coming weeks.

We’ve explained a little more about what you can expect in the FAQs below, but if you’ve got any questions we’ve missed, our patient services team will be happy to answer them for you.

Why have I received emails from different addresses?

Depending on when you booked your scan, you might receive emails from National MRI Scan addresses, or new Scan.com ones. Please check your spam folder if you’re waiting to hear from us, and don’t be alarmed if you receive contact from either National MRI Scan or Scan.com.

I booked before you became Scan.com. Do I need to do anything?

We’re still the same team, and the same company - all of our existing bookings still stand and will go ahead as normal. You don’t need to do anything, and any communications you’ve sent to us will remain with us. Don’t worry if we reply from an alternative address, or if the emails you receive are formatted differently to previous messages. If you’re concerned about the sender of an email, you can always contact our patient care team, who will be able to verify whether a message is from us or not.

Is the website finished yet?

For the time being, our website will look and feel a little bit different as we start updating our content and design. There’s a full rebrand underway, so there are many more exciting changes up ahead as we evolve into our new identity. We’ll also be updating our American and German websites to fit our global brand. Thank you for bearing with us while we make these changes.

What else is coming up?

For updates on our rebrand, and other information about what we’re up to, you can find us on Linkedin and Facebook, or visit our news page. We’ll be adding new social media accounts to our list as we grow, and we look forward to seeing you there soon.

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