8 Sep, 2022

Investment Announcement: Scan.com Secures £2.2m Funding Round

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve closed a £2.2m fundraise, led by Triple Point Ventures, with participation from StartUp Health and Plug and Play Ventures. YZR Capital are also doubling down after leading our £2m seed round in 2021.

We’re planning to use the funds to expand our diagnostics-as-a-service proposition in the USA and Germany, as well as rapidly scale our B2B platform in the UK by introducing new products for medicolegal, health insurance and telehealth providers.

Our 2022 story so far

2022 has been a big year for us so far - we’ve rebranded, strengthened our reputation as the UK’s largest diagnostic imaging provider, and helped tens of thousands of patients access the imaging they need, when they need it.

We also launched our German and US websites, and a whole host of new live tech for referring providers. Our platform now features a booking portal and proprietary API, through which consultants, clinicians and digital health providers can easily refer their patients for imaging. By fitting seamlessly into their existing workflows, we’re removing layers of admin that healthcare professionals previously faced.

After all of this, the new investment is proud moment for us, and is a key step on the journey towards ‘what happens next’.

So, what does happen next?

We’re working hard to embed Scan.com within the digital health ecosystem in the UK, USA and Germany, across the whole imaging journey, from patients to clinicians.

Charlie Bullock, co-founder and CEO of Scan.com, said:

We’re incredibly excited to use this latest round of funding to empower even more people to take their healthcare into their own hands, by making diagnostic imaging accessible to everyone, everywhere. For too long, the diagnostic imaging world has been difficult and expensive to access, and we’re here to fix that. As well as allowing patients to book scans in an easy and affordable manner, Scan.com is now working closely with imaging centres in the USA, UK and Germany to help them transition to the post-COVID-19 digital world.

We’re also pivoting our diagnostic imaging infrastructure to offer solutions in medicolegal and insurance contexts. We’re delighted to welcome Dr Lizzie Tuckey to the team, who will leverage her experience as former Head of Clinical Strategy at BUPA to position Scan.com as the go-to imaging provider for private medical insurers. She will also facilitate seamless integrations with the UK’s largest physiotherapy groups.

Jamie Tomalin, Investment Associate at Triple Point Ventures, said:

 Scan.com has rapidly emerged as the UK's leading private medical imaging platform, now integrating supply from over 200 imaging centres. These integrations uniquely position Scan.com to become the diagnostic infrastructure layer for digital health, enabling better supply visibility, pricing transparency, and streamlining antiquated workflows. Having recently launched in the US and Germany at the request of existing suppliers, Triple Point Ventures is excited to be backing Charlie, Oliver and Jasper to realise their global vision.

And, of course, we’re cementing Scan.com as the go-to imaging provider in the USA and Germany - to provide greater patient transparency, more efficient clinician workflows, and better outcomes across all of our geographies.

Kieran Borrett, UK Director of Plug and Play, said:

 Scan.com have built an incredible platform that results in market efficiencies, better customer experiences and reduced costs. Plug and Play are proud to partner with Scan.com to support international expansion into the US, Germany and other large markets where Plug and Play have a presence.

From big news to thank-yous

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in this fundraising round - Jamie Tomalin / Ian McLennan at Triple Point, Kieran and Alex at Plug and Play, Lauren @ StartUp Health and the YZR team, who’ve doubled down since leading our 2021 seed round.

It’s always nice to share exciting news, and as the list of Scan.com supporters grows, we’re reminded of why we do what we do. Diagnostic imaging can help change - and save - lives. Whether it’s finding out why you’re in pain, or getting the answers you need during difficult times, choice = empowerment. That’s why it’s our mission to make medical imaging accessible to all - giving patients and clinicians their imaging, on their terms.

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