4 Feb, 2022

Medbelle and National MRI Scan Partnership Announcement

National MRI Scan are delighted to announce our newest partnership with Medbelle

With a mission to make medical imaging accessible to all, our network of over 100 state-of-the-art scanning centres is already providing high-quality imaging to patients across the UK. 

We are now excited to look beyond the scan results, with Medbelle’s expert patient care and surgical teams offering the highest quality secondary care and treatment. This symbiotic partnership also ensures Medbelle patients have fast access to the medical scans they need, wherever they are on their healthcare journey. 

Working together, we will simplify and fast-track the route from diagnosis to treatment, with seamless patient care along the way. 
“We are really excited to partner with National MRI to help our patients get access to fast imaging. Early diagnosis, intervention and rehabilitation is key to good recovery for our patients.”
Medbelle Chief Commercial Officer, Dr Lizzie Tuckey

How will our partnership work?

Medical imaging is key to making diagnoses, and understanding the best course of treatment for all health concerns. Access to a quicker diagnosis often leads to a better prognosis.
We’ll provide patients with efficient scans at convenient locations, with clear upfront pricing, quick referrals without GP visits, and no waiting lists. Expert radiologists and clinicians will compile scanning reports and carry out 1-to-1 follow-up consultations.
Medbelle will enable access to expert secondary care and orthopaedic treatment, including surgery and physiotherapy. Throughout this process, dedicated Medbelle Patient Care Advisers will be on-hand to offer personalised care and guidance.
“We’re delighted to join with Medbelle in this combined effort to bring high-quality healthcare to more and more patients. The digitisation of the patient journey and a clear dedication to value-based care is the driving force behind this partnership.”
National MRI Scan CEO, Charlie Bullock
National MRI Scan are thrilled to work alongside Medbelle to enable straightforward end-to-end patient care. We want all patients to feel in control of their health, and receive the treatment they need as soon as possible. The new partnership between National MRI Scan and Medbelle is key to achieving this goal.
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