26 Jul, 2022

Rehab Guru and Scan.com Partnership Announcement

At Scan.com, we’re always looking for the best ways to simplify and streamline medical imaging referral pathways. After all, it’s our mission to make scans accessible to everyone.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our newest partnership with Rehab GuruTogether, we'll deliver seamless medical imaging to thousands of clinicians.

Rehab Guru, a leading practice management and exercise prescription software, has integrated with the Scan.com open API, to provide simple and efficient imaging referrals for thousands of clinicians and therapists. It’s a frictionless solution, all in one place, with complete end-to-end visibility.

This partnership signifies a step change for Scan.com, as we open up our diagnostic imaging engine to other digital health companies, allowing them to offer scans to their own patient bases in a seamless, integrated and labelled experience.

A new way for clinicians to refer for diagnostic imaging

Clinicians will be glad to hear that when it comes to arranging scans for their patients, the days of paper forms, phone calls, CDs, and even faxes, are over.

Scan.com makes it easy and seamless — in just a few clicks, clinicians can refer their patients for MRI, ultrasound and CT scans, track the order status, and download the results, all from within their Rehab Guru dashboard.


Rehab Guru’s integration with Scan.com opens up imaging to thousands of therapists who’ve traditionally been unable to access such services. A seamless booking process, reassuring clinical oversight, patient ownership and secure direct access to results, all within a single software solution is ground-breaking. We’re so excited to see how this integration helps our customers to deliver excellent care and incredible patient experiences.”

Simon Taylor | Co-founder | Rehab Guru Ltd


Key Features:

  • Simple online referral form

    It’s easy to choose a modality and body part for the scan, and give details of the patient’s condition and requirements.

  • Easy patient confirmation and payment

    Patients are then emailed a link to complete their booking, powered by Scan.com. They’ll be able to share their medical history and any safety considerations, and are given the freedom to choose from over 150 scanning centres nationwide, compare prices, and make payment securely online.

  • Clinical due diligence carried out by Scan.com for every referral

    Both the clinician referral and patient booking form are then reviewed by Scan.com’s experienced team of clinicians, which includes GPs and radiologists. They’ll ensure all scans are medically justified before progressing bookings and suggest alternatives where necessary.

  • Digital results available within the Rehab Guru dashboard

    Once the patient has been scanned at their chosen centre, the results are reported on by an experienced radiologist. The results are available to view and download from within Rehab Guru, for use in treatment plans and onward care.

A new direction for Scan.com

Delivering the best scanning experiences directly to patients has been our bread and butter for almost 5 years. This announcement signals a new and exciting business-to-business direction for Scan.com, aimed at improving the diagnostic imaging pathway for digital health companies, clinicians and their patient bases, who we are honoured to serve. We’re proud to debut our API with Rehab Guru, as we venture forward into this new area of growth.


We’re incredibly excited to partner with Rehab Guru, one of the most forward-thinking and nimble players in the digital health platform space. Our proprietary API allows 1000s of clinicians using Rehab Guru’s platform to order diagnostic imaging for their patients within seconds, replacing the existing outdated workflows. Our integration with Rehab Guru marks the start of Scan.com’s pivot towards a Diagnostics as a Service (DaaS) model, in which we partner with digital health players like Rehab Guru to provide diagnostic imaging via API, to ultimately reach more patients, and achieve our mission of making medical imaging accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

Charlie Bullock | CEO & Co-founder | Scan.com


Further information

  • Visit Rehab Guru’s website to learn more about their platform, and how to sign up. You can also access a free trial to test the wealth of features available, including the Scan.com integration.
  • Find out more about Scan.com’s story and team by visiting our about page.
  • Visit our partners page to see who we’re working with, and how you can work with us too!
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