5 Apr, 2023

Scan.com And Physio First Join Forces To Provide Efficient Imaging to 2,000+ Private Physiotherapists and Their Patients

Scan.com are delighted to announce our partnership with Physio First, the trade association for chartered physiotherapists in private practice, and professional network of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

This partnership unites two trusted private healthcare players, supporting both physiotherapists and their patients across the UK with streamlined access to imaging. Physio First represents over 2,000 registered physiotherapists in private practice, while Scan.com provides fast, high-quality MRI, CT, Ultrasound and X-ray scans across 150+ nationwide clinics.

Physio First members can now recommend imaging for their patients via a dedicated Scan.com link. Patients can select the scanning options that work for them, and receive discounted rates across MRI, CT, Ultrasound and X-ray scans.

Benefits for patients

Through this partnership, Physio First members can offer their patients:

  • Fast and simple online booking for private diagnostic scans with Scan.com
  • Affordable, discounted scan rates across all diagnostic modalities
  • Access to Scan.com’s clinical team for referral guidance and support
  • Choice of scanning location, date and time, and price to suit them
  • Patient-friendly interactive reports, with diagrams and definitions to explain medical terminology
  • Clinical report and copies of their images for use in onward care and treatment

Benefits for physiotherapists

  • Patient-centric imaging experiences where patients feel empowered by choice
  • Fast turnaround times for imaging, with digital images and reports available for use in onward care
  • Streamlined referral process with guidance for patients, to give you a competitive advantage over other practices with slow and opaque workflows
  • Keep patients within your care ecosystem, even if you don’t have your own imaging facilities or existing imaging partnerships
  • Offer convenient scanning options to patients who don’t live in your local area

Patient-centred choice

Scan.com and Physio First share a commitment to patient-centred care through empowering choice. This partnership gives physiotherapy patients more options to access needed diagnostic imaging under their clinician’s guidance, with results directed towards their treatment plan.

About Physio First

As the trade association for chartered physiotherapists in private practice and a dynamic and professional network of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Physio First work with their 2,000 UK-wide members to enable them to:

  • demonstrate the quality of their patient outcomes
  • share their skills and advice within our community
  • benefit from trusted partners
  • develop personally, professionally and commercially
  • stay informed and influence the marketplace

Next steps

  • To access reduced scan rates as a Physio First member, please visit their website.
  • Not sure which scan to refer for? Check out our imaging guide for more information about the modalities we offer.
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