14 Feb, 2023

Scan.com Has Partnered With MidexPRO To Unlock Seamless Medical Imaging via API Integration

We’re thrilled to announce our newest integration partnership with MidexPRO, a leading cloud-based practice management software provider. With Scan.com’s proprietary API now part of their digital toolkit, MidexPRO users can say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating medical imaging for their patients, and use our streamlined scan referral solution instead.

This partnership ensures everything is in one place - clinicians can request imaging, track their referrals, and view and download the images from within their MidexPRO dashboard with ease. Plus, patients will have access to a wide range of scanning centres and transparent pricing options, where they’re free to make the healthcare choices that suit them best.

Why Scan.com?

MidexPRO’s users include physiotherapists, GPs, orthopaedists, and medico-legal practitioners, who often use medical imaging to support the diagnosis, treatment, and onward care pathways of their patients.

However, arranging medical imaging appointments has previously followed a time-consuming pathway, with back-and-forth letters and phone calls to hospitals, with plenty of waiting in between. After the scan, getting access to the report and images presents a new set of administrative challenges, too. 

Meanwhile, for patients, it can be unnerving to not know when a follow-up might take place, or when they’ll get the answers they need.

By partnering with Scan.com, MidexPRO has made these difficulties a thing of the past. Scan.com is the UK’s largest diagnostic imaging platform, offering a streamlined scan referral pathway. Within their MidexPRO dashboard, users can:

  • Refer their patients for imaging by completing one online form, which takes less than 5 minutes.

  • Get their questions answered and their referrals verified by Scan.com’s medical team.

  • Receive regular email updates from referral to results, which are also sent to the patient.

  • Offer their patients the freedom to choose the options that suit them best, with over 150 UK scanning centres, a range of appointment availability, and the opportunity to compare prices with complete transparency.

Scan.com already helps hundreds of clinicians to provide better patient experiences and reduce their admin, so they can spend more time doing what really matters - helping their clients. Patients love us too - check out our Trustpilot, where we’re rated ‘excellent,’ to see what they think.

About the Partnership

By working together, MidexPRO and Scan.com can help clinicians get the imaging they need, when they need it, without the admin burden.

Charlie Bullock, CEO at Scan.com commented: “Scan.com is proud to announce our integration partnership with MidexPRO, an award-winning clinic management software provider. We created our API to make imaging referrals seamless and intuitive, and by integrating with MidexPRO, we can deliver that experience within software that is trusted and loved by a wide range of users from physiotherapists to orthopaedic surgeons. By working together to offer streamlined imaging pathways, we can reduce clinical admin, provide faster results, and help improve patient outcomes.”

Caroline Corrigan, Operations Director at MidexPRO said: “MidexPRO’s ethos is to listen, and evolve the software wherever we can. It's part of my role to ensure that we take forward partnership opportunities that will help our busy clients to streamline tasks and improve their Patients’ journey. Scan.com allows for both prospects to be met and have a similar philosophy to implement alliances.I am very happy to be able to bring this partnership to our clients and offer a seamless referral process for patients to use.”

How to get access to Scan.com via MidexPRO

MidexPRO offers a free 30-day free trial to new users, which includes access to the Scan.com integration. If you already use MidexPRO, here’s how to get started with our diagnostic imaging engine.

  • Open MidexPRO using the secure and individual password to view the Dashboard. 

  • Go to Maintenance and click Practice Set-up. 

  • Scroll to the section marked Scan.com, and enter the Clinician name and the Practice email address.

  • Save the details.

  • Scan.com is now ready to use with any patient by visiting the ‘tests’ section of your dashboard, and selecting ‘Order a scan from Scan.com.’

MidexPRO has a user guide video, and a UK Support Team ready to explain how to request a scan, how easy it is for the scan results to link back to the relevant patient, and simple it is for the patient to book the requested scan at a venue anywhere across the UK - not just near your practice address.

For support from MidexPRO, you can call 0330 999 3399 or visit the website www.midexpro.com to find out more.

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