25 Jul, 2023

Scan.com partners with HealthKey to improve access to diagnostics for patients and payers

Scan.com partners with HealthKey to improve access to diagnostics for patients and payers


  • Diagnostic imaging platform Scan.com streamlines access to medical scans, including MRI and CT, through an online booking platform and digital health integrations

  • HealthKey makes health services easily accessible and transparent for payers such as insurers and employers, with a test group of employees using the platform

  • Both Scan.com and HealthKey are backed by Aviva


Diagnostic imaging platform Scan.com has partnered with HealthKey, an API-first platform connecting payers such as insurers, employers and health plans with accessible digital health services.The partnership will offer self-book private diagnostic scans, such as MRI and CT. 


With NHS waiting lists reaching all-time highs, and record numbers of people on long-term sickness leave, the government published an open consultation proposing tax incentives for employer-led occupational health services on Friday 21st July. This partnership helps to resolve the complexities surrounding procurement of healthcare services and how they are paid for, to remove barriers to offering personalised occupational health and wellbeing benefits for staff.


Employers have the option to supply eligible employees with a monthly budget within HealthKey, which can be spent on health services that suit employees’ individual needs. This ranges from diagnostic imaging to fertility tests, chronic disease management and mental health services.


HealthKey’s integrated approach makes a broad range of best-in-class healthcare services available all in one platform. This new partnership opens up Scan.com’s affordable, accessible imaging solutions to payers, such as insurers and employers, and their valued people. 


Scan.com aggregates the spare capacity of over 150 independent scanning centres, to offer affordable appointments that can be booked online. Their pricing includes telehealth consultations and referrals via an in-house clinical team, to reduce pressures on NHS GP appointments to obtain referrals. Digital results are available in as little as one week, which helps employees access treatment pathways quickly in a bid to reduce extended sickness absences.


Both companies are backed by Aviva through its partnership with Founders Factory which supports new start-ups, with a test group of employees using the platform, and Aviva also recently invested £1.5m in Scan.com. 


Dr Lizzie Tuckey, UK Managing Director at Scan.com, said: “We are delighted to partner with HealthKey, and support Aviva’s employees with access to affordable diagnostic scans. Efficient infrastructure removes barriers for payers, and makes personalised health benefits more accessible for patients. Together with HealthKey, we’re speeding up access to imaging, to shorten diagnostic waiting lists and reduce the impact of delays on employee absences and wellbeing.”


Ben Luckett, Chief Innovation Officer at Aviva, said: 

“Aviva has supported both Scan.com and HealthKey as part of our ambition to deliver great outcomes for our customers, and it is fantastic to see the progress they are both making in enabling accessible healthcare for all.”

David Joerring, CEO and Founder at HealthKey, said: “We are excited to be partnering with Scan.com to improve access to personalised health by making diagnostic scans easily accessible to people that need them, when they need them, free from complex reimbursement or long waiting lists. Partnerships such as this are the cornerstone of our mission to build a digital health infrastructure that allows people to access the healthcare they need free from unnecessary barriers ”


About HealthKey:


HealthKey is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to access personalised health and wellbeing by connecting employers and insurers with a network of best-in-class health providers, covering a range of health and wellbeing areas from reproductive and mental health, to pain management, gut health, neurodiversity, LGBTQ+ wellbeing, fitness, and more. Organisations use HealthKey to offer employees a one-stop-shop to access personalised health and wellbeing, by simply setting budget limits and giving users the freedom to access the health and wellbeing services that are truly relevant for them, enabling the introduction of niche benefits with deep impact, leading to a more engaged and inclusive organisation. 


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