13 Jun, 2023

Scan.com Partners With WriteUpp To Streamline Imaging Workflows for Over 13,000 Clinicians

We are pleased to announce our newest partnership with cloud-based practice management software provider, WriteUpp. The partnership will deliver easier and more accessible medical imaging to the 13,000+ clinics who run their operations using WriteUpp. Users include chiropractors, physiotherapists, GPs, nurses, podiatrists and more, and they will now be able to integrate imaging seamlessly into their workflows.

Managing medical imaging on behalf of a patient can be a hassle. Finding a hospital with the right equipment, at the right price for the patient, with an appointment available at the a convenient time can involve a lot of additional admin for a clinician.

By integrating Scan.com as a new tool within their arsenal, WriteUpp has made it far easier for their users to access medical imaging within the software that they already know and love. Meanwhile, Scan.com gives patients more visibility and control over their imaging options.

Charlie Bullock, Scan.com’s CEO commented:

"Scan.com is proud to announce our partnership with WriteUpp, a leading practice management software provider. This collaboration will enable WriteUpp’s 13,000+ clinicians to easily and seamlessly refer for diagnostic imaging at the point of care, increasing the quality of care that they can give to their patients."

Bob Bond, WriteUpp’s CEO, commented:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Scan.com. Their network of private imaging providers across the UK and the US provides patients with unparalleled choice and flexibility. By directly integrating their platform with WriteUpp, our users and their patients will be able to choose and book their preferred provider in a matter of minutes.”

How does it work?

  • It takes less than 5 minutes to complete a referral.
    With Scan.com's platform, WriteUpp’s clinicians can easily request and schedule imaging appointments for their patients via their existing dashboard, without the need for additional administrative steps.

  • The patient has choice and control over their imaging options.
    The patient is then sent an access link to Scan.com, where they can choose from over 150 scanning centres nationwide, and compare prices and appointment availability to suit their individual needs.

  • The clinician knows exactly where the patient is on their scanning pathway.
    Scan.com offers end-to-end tracking for clinicians, with updates as their imaging referrals progress within their WriteUpp dashboard. There’s no need to chase up any steps, or give uncertain estimates to a patient about their care timeline.

  • All referrals are checked and verified by Scan.com’s clinical team
    WriteUpp users can rest assured that all necessary clinical due diligence has been completed by our experienced clinical team.

  • Digital results are available within WriteUpp in just one click.
    After the scan, the images and report will be accessible to the referring clinician within their WriteUpp dashboard, where they can review, share and download the files for use in their patients’ onward care.

By combining the convenience of WriteUpp's practice management software with the simplicity of Scan.com's diagnostic imaging platform, the partnership makes it easier than ever before to arrange medical imaging, and use timely scan results to deliver the best possible patient outcomes.

Next steps

Visit Writeupp.com to find out more about setting up Scan.com and to arrange a free trial.

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