27 Jan, 2023

Scan.com and Simplyhealth Partnership Announcement: Rapid Scans via Health Plans

We're proud to partner with Simplyhealth, a leading provider of self-pay health plans, to streamline access to medical imaging, reduce pressure on NHS waiting lists, and improve patient outcomes for over 2.3 million users.


Against the backdrop of 1 in 4 NHS patients waiting longer than six weeks for scans, Scan.com and Simplyhealth have a shared mission to improve healthcare access in the UK, by offering affordable and readily-available alternatives. 


Our partnership enables eligible Simplyhealth users in pilot locations of London, Birmingham, and Manchester to book MRI, CT, X-ray and ultrasound imaging with Scan.com, through their Simplyhealth portal or app. Afterwards, they can claim back the imaging costs from their cash plan. A nationwide rollout of locations is expected from February.


As demand for self-pay private care continues to grow, with projections of a 10%-15% increase by 2025, a 2022 Laing-Buisson report revealed ‘take-up of self-pay appears more directly linked to NHS waiting times than in previous years,’ with sustained demand for diagnostic imaging in particular. However, options for self-pay scanning have previously had opaque referral workflows, including private GP appointments at an additional cost of both money and time. 


Working with Simplyhealth, Scan.com can reduce both demand for NHS GP appointments and the cost of getting a scan privately, as imaging can be accessed without visiting a doctor first. Our experienced clinical team ensures all scans are clinically justified, and provide pre-and-post-scan teleconsultations, which are included in the booking price. The partnership also leverages our provider network of over 150 independent scanning centres, to improve patient choice and redirect demand away from already congested waiting lists for imaging on the NHS.

Dr Lizzie Tuckey, Chief Commercial Officer of Scan.com, said:

"We’ve seen an upward trend of patients looking for self-pay healthcare options, and we’re proud to partner with Simplyhealth to deliver fast, affordable and accessible diagnostic imaging options within cash plans trusted by millions of users. By removing barriers to imaging, we aim to support the NHS by reducing demand on primary care and imaging pathways, while equipping patients with the results they need to improve their healthcare outcomes."

This marks the first partnership within the health insurance space for Scan.com. We also service an existing roster of partners ranging from medico-legal firms, to leading healthcare companies in the UK such as Nuffield Health and Alliance Medical, and digital health providers Rehab Guru, Mindstep and Medbelle.

Katie Wadey, Chief Product and Commercial Officer at Simplyhealth, said:

 “Our purpose is to improve access to healthcare for everyone in the UK – not just those who can afford to go privately.  With record numbers of people on waiting lists to get a scan we wanted to do something to help our customers get seen and get diagnosed quickly. This partnership with Scan.com will give more people simple access to the healthcare they need at a lower cost.”

With a focus on streamlining the technology stack that underpins access to medical imaging, Scan.com seamlessly connects our partners and their users with a trusted network of independent imaging centres across the UK.


About Simplyhealth:

Simplyhealth is a leading health solutions company, committed to providing affordable healthcare, to support everybody’s every day healthcare needs. Through their health and dental plans, including the market-leading Denplan and number one provider of eye care packages, Ocuplan, they look after over two million customers. They aim to support and protect the NHS through the provision of outpatient support to help people live their best lives.

They don’t have shareholders and have, since 1872, been led by their purpose of improving access to healthcare, for all in the UK. They are changing the game, investing £60 million in new businesses to accelerate the development of predictive and preventative healthcare services.


Next Steps:

To find out more about Simplyhealth, visit their website: https://www.simplyhealth.co.uk 


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