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Knee Assessment

Struggling with knee pain or joint weakness? Our expert clinicians are here to help. Book online, and you'll get a pre-scan phone assessment, a knee MRI scan, a radiologist's report, and a follow-up consultation to discuss your results and recommendations.

Private Knee Pain Assessment Scans

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Who will assess my knee?

You'll be matched with a member of our experienced clinical team, who have over 100 years of combined expertise in diagnosing musculoskeletal issues and managing knee pain.

Your knee assessment includes an MRI scan, which will be reviewed by an expert radiologist, who is a highly-trained doctor specialising in interpreting medical images. They will write a report of their findings, which will be explained to you by your dedicated clinician and shared with you.

What to expect when getting an MRI on your knee

A knee assessment MRI is fast and safe, with minimal preparation needed. The scan uses strong magnets, so you’ll need to remove metal items such as jewellery, belts, or dentures beforehand and may be asked to change into a medical gown. If you're pregnant or have metal implants (e.g. medical devices or fragments), an alternative scan may be recommended for your safety.

During the scan, you'll lie still on a flat table that moves you into the cylindrical scanner. Straps or blocks may be used to position your knee correctly. MRI scans can be noisy, so earplugs or headphones will be provided.

How long does a knee MRI take?

An MRI scan for knee assessment usually takes between 10-30 minutes, and your radiographer will explain the procedure when you arrive. Your overall appointment duration will also include any necessary safety checks and time to get changed and secure your belongings.

How far into the MRI machine will I go for imaging of the knee?

A knee MRI scan is usually carried out feet-first, which means only your legs will enter the scanner, which is shaped like a short tunnel or cylinder.

Some of our scanning centres provide open MRI scanners, which are designed for patients who might feel claustrophobic, with magnets either side of you, or above and below you.

How long does it take to get knee MRI results?

After your knee assessment MRI scan, you can return to your day as normal and expect to receive your results within 7 working days. A highly-trained radiologist will review your images and write a report of their findings about your knee health. You’ll receive this report, along with a post-consultation call with our clinical team to discuss the results and any next steps.

Normal knee MRI vs abnormal results: What’s the difference?

A wide range of knee conditions can be diagnosed using MRI, including ruptures, tears, fractures, swelling, tumours, damage and dislocation.

A normal knee MRI will show a correctly positioned knee joint with healthy bone and soft tissues and no excess fluid. Excess fluid may appear bright white, while a dislocated knee would visibly be out of place. The ACL may appear dark in a healthy knee MRI, but when torn, the black line of the ligament is not clearly visible. Your radiologist will provide a report detailing their findings.

Private Knee Assessment Costs

When you book an MRI knee examination with, you'll receive a full, end-to-end package of care, starting from just £295.

Our scan costs vary depending on the pricing set by the individual scanning centres we work with.


Private Knee MRI Scan

Starting from £295

Quick and easy referral process, with no GP referral needed

Pre and post-scan support calls from an expert clinician to help you on the route to recovery

An MRI scan near you, at your choice of over 200 convenient locations

Digital access to your radiologist's report, a patient-friendly version, and your images

How it works

  1. 01 Book and referral

    Select which knee you’d like to have scanned, choose a convenient location, and make payment to secure your booking. Within 2 days, you'll receive a phone consultation with an expert clinician, who will ask you about your symptoms, and complete your scan referral.

  2. 02 Scan Confirmation

    After referral, your chosen scanning site will call you to confirm your appointment date and time. Please wait until they have called before booking any time off or travel arrangements for your appointment.

  3. 03 Have your scan

    You'll visit your selected scanning centre, where expert radiographers and patient care staff will explain the procedure and complete your scan. Afterwards, the images will be sent to a highly qualified radiologist for reporting.

  4. 04 Receive your results

    Our clinicians will receive your report, and email a copy to you. You can also request copies of your images if needed for onward care. If any abnormalities are found, our clinicians will contact you to discuss your results and next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

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