Nuffield Health, Newcastle Hospital

Clayton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1JP

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About Nuffield Health, Newcastle Hospital

Nuffield Health Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital has been providing outstanding private healthcare to people in the North East for over 40 years.

CQC Regulated


Clayton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1JP


Located in the Jesmond area of Newcastle, with nearby metro links from Jesmond station, this centre can also be accessed by car via Newcastle Centre Motorway, by following the A1058 to Osborne Road. Newcastle mainline station is 1.6 miles away.

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Free patient parking is available onsite.


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Some body parts may have a surcharge applied by the scanning centre. Use our price checker to check the pricing for particular body parts.

Surcharges cover the costs of specialist reporting, additional equipment, and contrast materials required for certain scan types.

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2 reviews

After being very frustrated with the NHS. I booked a MRI Scan on online on Friday night, spoke to a consultant on Monday afternoon, had a scan at a private hospital on Thursday Morning and the results late Thursday afternoon via email. I was contacted by telephone later that evening at 20;30 after several missed calls to advise me to go straight to hospital as I had very serious damage to my spine and needed urgent treatment. Doesn't really get much better than that. So impressed.

over 1 year ago

Very quick to phone me and sort out what scan I needed and at hospital I wanted

12 months ago