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Can an MRI Find the Cause of Your Neck Pain?

You wake up in the morning and out of nowhere you can’t move your neck without sharp stabbing pain. This is a common story. If it has not happened to you, it has likely happened to someone you know. Typically the immediate reaction is, “I must have slept on it funny.” In some cases, this may be true and just a result of a muscle spasm. But it can also indicate the presence of a serious underlying condition.

If you have been experiencing neck pain that has not been improving, it could be beneficial to have an MRI neck scan. Continue reading to find out more about this diagnostic procedure, and if it can help find the root of your neck pain.

What Does a Neck MRI show?

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) neck scan will allow doctors to see the structures inside of your neck. These include:

  1. Vertebrae
  2. Spinal Cord
  3. Lower Portion of the Brain
  4. Arteries and Veins
  5. Muscles
  6. Tendons
  7. Other Soft Tissues

The MRI works by taking images, called slices, of the structures in your neck as it moves across a single plane. Imagine slicing an apple from one side to the other. Each of those slices represents a single MRI image. When paired together they allow the radiologist to see what is occurring inside of your neck. This will allow them to form a diagnosis by viewing potential:

  1. Inflammation
  2. Infection
  3. Tumours
  4. Tissue Damage
  5. Any Other Abnormal Growths

An issue in your neck may present itself the same way–in the form of pain. However, the root cause can be any number is problems. A neck MRI provides the opportunity to accurately find out what is causing your pain. The earlier the issue is found, the sooner you can be back on your way to being pain-free.

Can an MRI Fix My Neck Pain?

An MRI scan is a diagnostic tool that uses radio waves and a strong magnetic field to generate images of the structures inside your body. While this technology cannot remove your pain, it can be used to identify the source of the pain.

A radiologist will examine the images produced in the MRI and will be able to narrow down the cause of your discomfort. This diagnosis is the first step in developing a treatment plan to relieve your pain.

How Much Does a Neck MRI cost?

The national average of an MRI in the UK is £363. However, at one of our MRI centres, the rates are as low as £289, well under the national average.

The benefit of having a private MRI scan is the avoidance of waiting for an MRI through the NHS. Where the wait times for an MRI are up to 18 weeks. At our facilities, you can have an appointment in as little as five days. By finding the cause of your neck pain earlier, means you will be on the road to recovery that much sooner.

The Bottom Line

Neck pain can be very debilitating, it can affect your ability to work, drive, and complete everyday tasks. While some neck pain can go away on its own, it can also signify a larger issue at play. By choosing to have an MRI neck scan, you can ensure any underlying issue will be identified. Finding the cause is the first step in fixing your neck pain.

If you have more questions about an MRI neck scan, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Or Contact Us and we will be happy to provide you with more information on this procedure.



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