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Receive fast access to a pre-consultation with our experienced clinical team, relieving pressure on the traditional GP referral route.

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Our experienced team of consultant clinicians will undertake a medical assessment to understand your needs. They will then provide a referral for any necessary scans.

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We aim to reduce the pressure of waiting lists on the NHS. Patients can utilise our nationwide access to private scanning centres to receive medically necessary scans quickly.

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You’ll receive your imaging report digitally, and one of our expert clinicians will provide a follow-up consultation if any abnormalities are found.

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Private MRI Scans in Brighton and Hove

We're, the leading care referral service helping to deliver affordable and efficient private MRI scans throughout Brighton, and a fast diagnosis for yourself or a loved one. We understand how frustrating and long waiting lists can be, especially for those with a persistent or nagging pain, which is why we are here to provide instant access to diagnostic imaging, and total peace of mind.

What makes our service so valuable is that with our flexible and easy-to-use online booking system there is no requirement for a referral from a GP or the NHS. To get started, simply enter your postcode and you'll be shown all available clinical sites near you and across the wider Brighton area, with the relevant prices for a scan at each centre. Pick a date and time that suits you, and once our friendly and experienced medical team have received your application, we'll be in touch to finalise the booking, with any follow-up questions. In any case where we've found a cheaper scanning site also available in Brighton, we'll let you know, as we pride ourselves on being transparent with our pricing, finding the best option for you.

National MRI scan has a 7day MRI service, meaning that we'll have you assessed and referred for investigation within just one week, with appointments available from early morning until night.

All images and scans are reported by our dedicated and knowledgeable Consultant Radiologists, and the medical term will always ensure a quick turnaround on results, as well as support throughout the imaging process.

For more information on our self-referral scanning services in the Brighton area, get in touch today. Our team are always happy to help.

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Scan prices start from just £299* We pride ourselves on having no hidden fees, and flexible booking appointments that suit you.

Private MRI Scanning Centres in Brighton and Hove

Medical Imaging Partnership - Brighton , BN1 9BL
Nuffield Health, Brighton Hospital, BN2 6DX
Living Room Health (Extremity), BN1 1HQ
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