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We aim to reduce the pressure of waiting lists on the NHS. Patients can utilise our nationwide access to private scanning centres to receive medically necessary scans quickly.

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You’ll receive your imaging report digitally, and one of our expert clinicians will provide a follow-up consultation if any abnormalities are found.

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Private MRI Scans in Milton Keynes

Here at National MRI Scan we're committed to providing fast and easy access to private MRI treatments to those in need, and with 4 scanning centres across Milton Keynes alone, we've got you covered. We have partnered up with specialist practices to makes things easier for you, as our fast and efficient medical referral service helps to connect clients in Milton Keynes with an available scanning site nearby, all within a budget and time period that suits.

With our easy to use online booking system, you're just one step away from arranging and paying for an MRI scan, all from the ease of your own home. What makes our service so simple is that there is no requirement for an initial written referral by a GP or practitioner, meaning that you'll receive an even faster diagnosis and treatment, avoiding long and unpredictable waiting times through the NHS.

We pride ourselves on a 7 day MRI service, meaning that our experienced and friendly medical team will have you assessed and referred to a scanning centre within just one week of receiving an application. In the case that after the initial protocol our experienced consultants deem that an MRI scan is not required for a patient, we'll provide you with a full refund, as well as recommending the appropriate alternative treatment, all free of charge.

All diagnostic images and scans are reporting on by our team of dedicated Consultant Radiologists, led by Dr Khalid Latief (Consultant Radiologist BMSc,MBChB, FRCP, FRCR), so you can rest assured that you're in safe care.

If you or a loved one in the Milton Keynes area are looking for piece of mind through a private scan, and assured healthcare assistance, get in touch with National MRI Scan today.

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Scan prices start from just £299* We pride ourselves on having no hidden fees, and flexible booking appointments that suit you.

Private MRI Scanning Centres in Milton Keynes

Vitalscan, MK9 1FH.
Saxon, MK6 5LR
Milton Keynes Hospital, MK6 5LD
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